IDU3390 - Information Systems Project Management

Essay and presentation

Source of information
  1. Either find several articles on one topic (at least 3-4), read them through, understand and present
  2. or find a presentation (1.5 hours) on youtube, InfoQ etc, listen, find 1 or 2 more articles (or web pages) on the same topic. Summarize all you learned.
For example from:
i. InfoQ, by searching for example Agile or Project Management
ii. Google Scholar: for example searching pdf files on "Project management" topic [link]
iii. Mountain Goat Software [link]

The essay should be 2 pages long using Times new Roman font 12 and standard line spacing. The essay should also find references to source materials (name of the book, articles and web links if sources are located in web)

The presentation should be no less than 10 and no more than 16 minutes. Each one should contain: